Monday, June 29, 2009

Love of Sepia Personality

By: Dr. Marcela N. Casais (Photo credit: Hans Hillewaert, Wikimedia Commons).

Kent says that in Sepia "love is not shown as affection", he means that love exists, but it manifestation is benumbed and cannot be expressed. There is no absence of emotions but the intention of escape from them.

All the love expressions, marital, paternal, filial and even friendship burns Sepia out, and she feels that they avoid her privacy and independence (company agg., being alone am. Kent). That’s why Sepia shelters in occupation and in being alert to the house and family requirements. But finally, burned out, she desires to fly away from them, but her duty feeling doesn’t let her and the indifference to loved ones comes forth.

Sepia women reject their femininity, they are masculine, and like active games, so the trigger of her pathological picture, appears when she must assume her feminine roll: first menses, marriage, sexuality, pregnancy, child bed, and kids.

Marriage is a crucial period for Sepia. Making concessions to her mate is very difficult because her intolerance to contradiction, generates discussions in which she shrieks with anger and trembling, and then, she leaves the room smashing the door with violence in order to have the last word. Sepia can be highly irritable, quarrelsome and impatient, especially with her mate, overwhelming him with sarcasms and insults.
If she cannot get her independence, she chooses the complaint, the discontent with everything, the offense, and the sermon. Playing the roll of a martyr, she claims for love and affection, feeling forsaken, but when they give love to her, she shows indifference, and laments her destiny. "She is never happy unless she bothers someone" (Kent).

She is neither sentimental nor dictatorial with her kids, though she is frequently positive and doesn’t bear silliness, she gets angry for any trifle, she is censorious, she scolds everybody, and finds others´ faults. She shows a great irritability for the tiniest thing, she is nasty and she’s in a constant bad mood.

She’s not indulgent and she wants to make her children to be self-sufficient so she can get her own freedom. But in some cases she is over demanding with them.
Maternity is not easy for Sepia, because it is an excessive psychological drainage too much tiresome, so the indifference to the loved ones, is the result more than the cause of her troubles, that’s why she presents ailments during pregnancy, labor and child bed. Sepia frequently has sterility and abortion tendency.

She can be antisocial with family and friends due to her aversion to company and to the physical effort that being sociable demands. In the social intercourse she is excessively open, and almost rudeness. Sepia isn’t mischievous but impolite, although her comments can make us feel uncomfortable.

In a social party, she keeps away and silent, till the dance begins, then she begins to enjoy the party.

Female sexuality is characterized by having little interest or sexual energy. It is carried as a charge, the symptom that better express it is "bearing down".

Pain in the sexual intercourse is intolerable and can become vaginism. The absence of enjoyment and the insensibility in vagina are not infrequent. There also may be irritability post-coitus and symptoms aggravation after coitus.
Menses and sexual ailments are common, including frigidity and menopause disorders.
It is remarkable her aversion to being touched, bothered, and to be approached. She desires to be alone and to lie with her eyes shut.

The affective problematical in Sepia men don’t differs from the female’s, and there is a parallel in the sexual symptomatology.

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