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How Homeopathic remedies limit over-exposure to sun

By: John Sherman, Homeopath (Tel: 1 250 764 2487)
Many thanks to John Sherman, for his informative article.

Sun over-exposure is exposure to enough UV radiation to cause the skin to burn.

Sunburns greatly increase the risk of freckled skin, wrinkles, leathery skin later in life and skin cancer.

The use of tanning beds and lying out in the sun result in long-term damage to the skin if done over several years.

It has probably happened to most of us at one time or another—we fall asleep in the sun or we forget to slather on the sunscreen; then we burn.

First, a few things need to be said about our obsessive “sunscreenism.”

In fact, there are a few things you may have never even considered about that sunscreen your skin absorbs.

There is a pair of doctors from the University of California who are the foremost opponents of the use of chemical sunscreens, Drs. Cedric and Frank Garland.

They point out that, although sunscreens do protect against sunburn, there is no scientific proof that they protect against melanoma or basal cell carcinoma in humans.

The Garland brothers strongly believe that the increased use of chemical sunscreens is the primary cause of the skin cancer epidemic.

They emphasize that people using sunscreen tend to stay longer in the sun because they do not get sunburn—they develop a false sense of security.

Chemical sunscreens are formulated to absorb UVB radiation; they let most of the UVA rays through.

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are strongly absorbed by the melanocytes, which are involved both in melanin production (sun tanning) and in melanoma formation.

UVA rays also have a depressing effect on the immune system.

Anyone who has had unusual reactions to any sunscreen in the past should be cautious before using one.

You should be particularly careful if you have any allergies to foods, dyes, preservatives, or other substances, especially the following: Artificial sweeteners; anesthetics such as benzocaine, procaine, tetracaine, hair dyes; sulfa medicines; water pills; and cinnamon flavouring.

Derivatives of these substances are common ingredients in most sunscreen formulas.

You also need to be especially careful when using diabetes medicine by mouth because tropical preparations can increase the side effects of these medications.

However, there are some excellent homeopathic treatments for these acute situations.

After being over-exposed to the sun a few years back, I experienced first-hand how well these remedies work and now would not be without them.

Glonoine: An excellent remedy after over-exposure to sun that borders on sunstroke.

Belladonna: The person needing this remedy will most likely have a very red, hot face and a very bad, throbbing headache accompanied by sensitivity to light.

Cuprum metallicum-Severe: Muscle cramping or twitching after over-exposure to the sun.

Urtica urens: Is a good remedy for just ordinary sunburn.

All of the above remedies you can take a 30CH potency every 15 minutes for five or six doses.

If relief is not experienced, find the next best remedy or consult your homeopath.

Although sunscreen is not a substitute for commonsense, just as seat belts and airbags are not substitutes for good driving practices, they do have their place and may save you a lot of grief later on.

Remember that true sunstroke may require immediate medical attention.

If the body temperature rises too rapidly, this can lead to collapse.

Belladonna or Glonoine can be administered if this happens while waiting for help to arrive.

Remember to drinks lots of pure water, not caffeinated beverages or sugar-laden sodas.

Stay cool.

This subject matter is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as medical advice. John Sherman is a professional homeopath in Kelowna.

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