Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another Inspiring Homeopathy Project

The vision of Ghana Homeopathy Project

"Our vision is the establishment of homeopathy as a recognised part of the health care system in Africa and Ghana in particular. Our charity's main objective is the relief and prevention of disease working closely with local community developments and initiatives. Further, we support the development of homeopathic education and vocational training facilities together with local partners, in conjunction with established health workers and local practices. Our vision extends to make homeopathy available to deprived communities as a valid and affordable form of treatment and to initiate health education."

"At the clinic we work as a team of three including Christopher and Gideon. We take cases and reptertoirize together and then move to the Materia Medica to make sure the remedy selection is good for the patient. We keep the clinic open twenty four hours without any break and sometimes work at midnight during emergencies." - Emperor

All the best to Ghana Homeopathy Project!

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