Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital

"we wanted to create a place of beauty and healing”
Dr. David Reilly.

At Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, patients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. The building has been designed to meet both the physical and psychological needs of the patients, rather than forcing them to adapt to the operational needs of the hospital or any arbitrary architectural principles.

The exterior of the building is welcoming – not threatening – and is much larger than it first appears. The reception area is open, with a friendly interior, and bears a greater resemblance to a Scandinavian health spa than a fully functioning modern hospital capable of treating 10,000 outpatients and 500 inpatients every year.

The layout of the building offers a functional elegance to match first expectations. After discussion with staff and patients, the design was modified slightly so that ‘care’ spaces have a direct view and connection to nature and are protected from direct sound paths, while staff areas are located to the north and east of the building to avoid direct sunlight during working hours. Roof/clerestory arrangements provide natural lighting for deep plan corridors, waiting areas and enhances, as well as enhancing natural airflow and ventilation throughout the building.

Since staff face the sometimes demanding task of dealing with some very sick patients, some of whom have been previously viewed as untreatable, the Design Team has placed an equal emphasis on ensuring that staff health and well-being is given a similar level of priority. Not only are the consulting rooms and therapeutic areas positioned and fitted in an attractive and functional manner, but the staff rest areas and dining room have also been constructed and decorated in the same fastidious manner.

Project Director:

In 1994, as soon as Dr David Reilly was first appointed to lead the project to replace the old Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, he was determined that the new building would be neither ugly nor intimidating.

However, Dr Reilly was not naïve about the challenges ahead. He realised that making a place of healing and beauty could not be achieved by simply hiring a top architect. It would require the motivation and creative collaboration of patients, health carers, architects, artists, administrators, hospital managers, academics, media workers and political leaders.

He therefore set out to put together a Design Team that would be prepared to work together creatively and mobilise the necessary support to ensure that the hospital would meet everyone’s expectations – at no extra cost per square metre than a regular hospital.

Contact Info:

Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital
Part of Gartnavel General Hospital site
1053 Great Western Road
Glasgow G12 0XQ, U.K.
Hospital switchboard: +44 (0) 141 211 1600

All the best to GHH.

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