Friday, July 31, 2009

Pediatric and Homeopathy

Written by: Dr. B.P. Sharma, Edited by: Iman Navab

Warning: This article is intended for professional Homeopaths only. Do not use the remedies that are mentioned in this article on your own without supervision of your Homeopath. For more info on Homeopathic consultation, please visit

Introduction: Pediatric case taking is one of the most difficult task for a homeopathic physician. The main aspect of pediatric case taking is dependent on observations.


Temperament is defined as the individual’s normal, natural style of behavior and response to the world. It refers to “How” and not “What” of behavior. This means temperament does not dictate what children will do, but help understand how they do it.

Temperament consists of the traits you are born with. It differs from personality which is a combination of temperament (nature) and the life experiences of people and environment (nurture).

As a homeopath we are supposed to understand the temperament of a child (for example: being chilly or hot). Temperament is determined by your unique neurological characteristics and unlike personality it cannot be changed. It remains moderately stable across time and situations.

To find a remedy for a child we have to consider 3 main factors:-

(1) Sociability
(2) Activity
(3) Destructibility

(1) Sociability refers to approach (Extrovert) or withdrawal (Introvert) stimulus of the child to a new situation. Some children move easily into new settings, taking very little time to join a new group of playmates, while others may observe the scene for a long time before going into a new situation. This can also be applied to other situations such as trying a new food or changing a daily routine, for example: Some children eagerly seek new experiences while others withdraw from new activities and experiences.

Extrovert children:

They like to play with new toys. They are curious to explore it. Will give smile to new faces. Allow you to examine.

Introvert children:

Slower to warm up to a change. Will avoid eye contact to new faces. Will not mix with other child. Will cry and will not allow you to examine.

Remedies for Extrovert children based on Temperament (being hot or chilly):

Chilly: Phos, Rhus tox, Spoingia, Verat, Hyos, Coff, Carc, Bell.
Hot: Lach, Arg-n, Croc, Cham, Bufo, Tarent, Medo, Sulph, Carc, Tub.

Remedies for Introvert children based on Temperament (being hot or chilly):

Chilly: Bar c, Calc, Calc-sil, Anti.t, Ant-c, Ars, Aur, China, Ign, Sep, Sil, Staph, Stram.
Hot: Ambra, Bry, Cina, Cham, Gels, Lyc, Nat-m, Puls, Thuja.

(2) Activity: refers to the degree of energy expenditure through movement. It is viewed as some of the important dimensions in determining temperament- it can be hyper or hypo-activity.

Remedies for Hyperactive children based on Temperament (being hot or chilly):

Chilly: Rhus Tox, Ars, Cham, Merc, Hyos, Rheum, Stram, Thuja, Bor, Cina, Calc-p, Ant.t, Coff, Ip, Kali-c, Mag-c, Ign, Anac, Verat, Nux, Elaps, Zinc.
Hot: Arg. N. Iod, Cham, Merc, Rheum, Thuja, Bor, Tub, Taren, Med, Sulph, Ambr.

(3) Destructibility: It can be a reaction out of anger. Smashing, ripping, or tearing apart of objects are the expressions of destructiveness. These destructive behaviors are often directed to a nearby convenient target.

Chilly: Bell, Camph, Ign, Stram, Verat.
Hot: Tuberc. Taren. Sulph.

Sociability-Activity-Destructibility axis:-

1. Extrovert + Hyperactive + Destructive: Tarentula, Tuber, Cham, Veratrum, Medo.
2. Extrovert + Hyperactive + Non-Destructive: Rhus Tox, Arg-n, Lachesis.
3. Introvert + Hyperactive + Destructive: Cina, Stram.
4. Introvert + Hyperactive + Non-Destructive: Lyco, Merc, Ars.

By considering the above factors of the child, we add thermals, thirst, characteristic, constitution and mental, before we arrive at the similimum.


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