Saturday, October 31, 2009

College of Homeopaths of Ontario

Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada is pleased to announce that the "Government of Ontario, Ministry of Health and Long Term care" has announced the appointment of the Transitional Council of the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. Members have been appointed by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.

The newly appointed Council will have three years to complete its work. The role of the Council is to develop standards, entry to practice requirements etc. for continuing competence among members.

A total number of 16 public and professional members ( i.e. 7 public members and 9 professional members) to the Transitional Council. The Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada and HMECC Inc. are proud to announce that two of these professional members are Founder/life members of our proud organizations.

Homeopathic Medical Association of Canada and HMECC Inc. has been actively involved in advocating for the regulation of Homeopathy by conducting Student's educational programs, International Homeopathic Conferences and various public awareness and Professional Seminars for professionals as well as the public. We would continue to work with the Transitional Council to ensure that the highest standards of education and practice are established for our profession.

We feel the pleasure to congratulate all the newly appointed members of Transitional Council of College of Homeopaths of Ontario.


  1. this is a great step in getting Homeopathy into the public eye. I hope the council will organize the licensing of Homeopaths to comply with Hahnemann's understandings.

  2. I suppose that as homeopathic remedies usually contain only water and/or alcohol, they are thought to be generally safe. Only in rare cases are the original ingredients present at detectable levels

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